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Most complete initial eye check I have ever received from Julie. Some of her checks were a first for me. Very impressed how thorough and professional she was. I was kept informed of each stage of my annual appointment and quickly moved into the exam room with Dr. Anderson. Dr. Anderson made me feel at ease as he examined my eyes and explained what was being looked at. Very impressed with his knowledge of the eye and he communicated it all to me in an easy to understand way! Thanks to all at Wolf Eye Center.
Todd M    -    December 2019

First and best thorough eye exam Ever. Dr Wolf was great and knew immediately that I needed an MRI and had a possible pituitary tumor that was causing poor vision and loss of peripheral vision. I had surgery and I have my eyesight back. So happy to see again! No more itinerant or discount eye exams for me as I have learned the value of seeing the Best (Pun intended).
John J    -    November 2019

HIGH PRAISE FOR WOLF EYE CENTER!! A retinal detachment occurred twice in my right eye, and so I was operated on twice in Arizona (not by Dr Wolf). After I moved to Alaska, I needed cataract surgery which was done by Dr Wolf and he did an excellent job. He also took one look at my right eye and was appalled at the poor job they did for the retinal surgery. I can still see, but it was and remains a miracle. Now I am being treated for possible glaucoma by Dr Evans, of whom I trust and I am glad to be her patient.
Thomas M    -    August 2019

I have been trusting my eyes to dr. Wolf for a number of years. He is absolutely the best there is. His level of expertise and care is hard to find.
James S    -    August 2019

Vision has been blurry recently due to secondary cataracts. Dr Wolfe did a laser procedure, 10 minutes with no discomfort, that totally cleared up the problem, like having brand new eyes, crystal clear vision. Thank you
Ralph W    -    June 2019

Thank the Lord for Wolf Eye Center. The kiddos and I are absolutely impressed with how we have had our needs taken care of to ensure the best quality vision possible for us. Dr Mayberry’s kindness and dedication and professionalism to our family has been absolutely wonderful and made us truly grateful fans of Wolf Eye Center, wouldn’t change it for the whole world. Thank Lord for you all at Wolf Center. Kiddos and I highly recommend Wolf Eye Center.
DanaG    -    Febuary 2019

Took my son here and was impressed from the moment we walked through the door. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Totally wish my insurance was accepted here because the experience was the best I've had at an optometrist.
Nicki G    -    November 2018

While vacationing in Alaska I had a serious eye issue. I was able to get in and see Dr Wolf. He determined I had a torn retina. Because we were going to cross the Alaska Highway he said we should do the laser surgery to prevent detachment. He did it and sent us down the road the same day, with no further issues. After seeing my doctor in Spokane he said the surgery was perfect. Thanks for being there when I needed help! Doctor wolf and staff are awesome!! Thanks Steve H
Steve H    -    September 2018

Dr. Wolf did cataract surgery on both of my eyes. At the age of 68 I never imagined being without the need for glasses but after the surgery I am seeing better than I have in almost 40 years and do not need glasses. The multi-focal lenses are amazing and Dr. Wolf and his team are the best! Thank you!!!
Robert P    -    March 2018

Wow I am so amazed with Wolf Eye Center. Being a veteran I was treated with great respect and compassionate care from the beginning. The staff is extremely helpful with va insurance, setting up appointments, check in, and the most thorough eye exam. I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 yrs. the staff that helped me with check out and scheduling my next appointment and the staff that helped me figure out what color lens that will work best for me. Outstanding!! I suffer from chronic migraines from head injuries and the BEST care.
Yvonne R    -    Febuary 2018

This is one of the best eye centers in the world! I had an emergency situation, and they got me in within one hour of the time that I called. Even though I wasn't a patient of theirs. My "Previous" Optometrist told me they didn't have an opening till February, even thought I told them I had a detached retina! They told me to go to the emergency room, which I found out was bad advice. So I'm firing my previous optometrist and I'm going to Wolf Eye Center from now on for eye care. They care, have a great staff, and great Ophthalmologists and Optometrists!
John R    -    November 2017

I have been going to see Dr Wolf since 2003. before he opened his own place Wolf Eye Center. He is a kind compassionate man, very competent and caring, I had an eye injury and that's how I met him. Fast forward to now since his beautiful office opened. I still go to Wolf Eye Center for yearly exams, I was going every 6 months because I was a glaucoma suspect and they had a state of the art machine that could diagnose and detect. Things have slowed down now, I still go in once a year and have been seeing Dr Evans. She is great! I just got my 2nd pair of glasses. The quality at Wolf Eye Center is far above other places in the Valley, and even though it might cost a little more it is most certainly worth it. I even had the 1st pair i got from them get eaten by my dog and they managed to have the insurance cover some of the cost to replace. The 1st pair, they had discontinued the frames. I ordered new lenses and found the frames on EBay. They had no problem putting the lenses into my new frames. Great people, great service! I will continue to go to Wolf Eye Center.
Nancy C    -    September 2017

I've been coming here for about three years now for my eye exams, including some specialty exams needed for my occupation. The folks here have always been warm, helpful, and professional. I continue to return because of the high quality and their state of the art equipment. They have gone above and beyond in order to accommodate my specialized needs and make me feel comfortable. Looking forward to returning in the future. Highly recommended.
A J    -    May 2017

Dr. Mayberry is the best. So kind and thoughtful.
Ross F    -    May 2017

I am very impressed with Dr. Wolf, he did an amazing job on my cataracts and has removed what I believe was a Chevy bumper from one of my eyes. He did mention it wasn't quite that big. lol Thank you Doc great job. I've also sent some of my friends your way. Bob V.
Bob V    -    March 2017

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