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We selected our collection of high-quality frames to reflect the latest in eyewear style, fashion, and functionality. Whatever your age or eyewear needs, we have something for you!


The frame and the face must interact to obtain a beautiful and harmonic look. Prodesign does not design an object that demands all the attention but rather a piece of eyewear that completes and enhances the lines of the face.

It is all about challenging your creativity to create the perfect frame every time.

Prodesign strives to create designs which create a synergy with the face. It is important that whoever wears a prodesign style, becomes a more beautiful person wearing the new frame, not just a person with a beautiful new frame."

Prodesign meets the challenge of creating "Face Jewelry".

The design philosophy behind each line.

The frame and the face must interact to obtain a beautiful and harmonic look. We never strive for creating a design object that demands all the attention but rather a piece of eyewear that completes and enhances the lines of the face.

Our largest collection is designed for the largest customer segment - those who follow fashion and want to be part of the fashion scene without standing out from it. Featuring frames in titanium, metal and acetate, this collection captures the essential spirit of Danish design, modelled to ensure the comfort that the customer seeks.


The right interaction between colors and details generate frames with a more chic, urban and sporty look. We believe that time in general allows each person to mix and match trends, colors and shapes as they please to obtain a truly individual style.

This collection is aimed at those who surf on the wave of fashion, individuals who want their eyewear to be noticed. The collection puts the accent on striking designs, innovative materials and vibrant colours, with an expression value to match. Featuring frames in titanium, metal and acetate, the collection brings out the daring in Danish design, for customers who want to see and be seen.


We believe in understated glamour as well as aesthetic details and consider female values a strong point. Fondness of finery rather than technical solutions best describes this collection - the female touch is simply unmistakeable.

This new feminine line from ProDesign is designed uniquely for women by a woman. Aesthetic details weigh more than technical solutions and functionality, but quality is not compromised to obtain the right look. All products are designed for the woman who is not intimidated by her femininity, who seeks it and develops it. Female values are seen as a strong point and vanity is ok when it comes to creating the perfect look. We are not talking about values of women's libber when characterizing her - she is more compatible with divas and glamorous role models. Modern womanhood, self-consciousness and exclusivity better describes the woman who wears this collection


It is all about challenging your creativity to create the perfect frame every time.
The simplicity of colors combined with technical details results in a more classic, elegant and exclusive look.

This is our premium collection, targeted towards those who view their eyewear as an affordable luxury. The collection reflects their taste for fine quality and stylish design, with a rich palette of colours and touches of the unconventional in material combinations. The expression value is always visible yet never overstated. The collection combines the clean lines and classic lightness of Danish design to ensure unsurpassed wearer comfort.


This is our playground for external designers. This is where we get impulses from the world outside and incorporate them into our world of eyewear.

The American born Danish jeweler and designer Gail Spence has designed the unique hinge concept for this new ProDesign collection. The hinge breaks with conventional eyewear thinking - maybe the most simplified hinge ever developed for an optical frame. The visible opening in the front where the temples fit perfectly does not only create a hinge, but also a delicate union between solid titanium and the transparent high performance organic material.

The hinge concept makes the temples interchangeable. The concept consists of 6 fronts and 28 different temples that are easily mounted and exchanged due to a simple "click on - click off" system. By designing a hinge that allows the temples to be changed very easily the need to renew your look without having to buy two frames at the same time is fulfilled in a very functional way.


There is no reason why high-quality lenses and fashionable design should not be united into one exclusive product.

This collection of ProDesign sunglasses, will appeal to the consumer that asides being quality-conscious appreciates fashionable design.

We believe that the design lies within the scope of the spirit of the time right now. The end users are increasingly requiring unique individual well-designed sunglasses in preference to brand names. It's all about daring to be different and show individuality.

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