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So relieved that this place was recommended to me. Everyone was so kind and the whole process was very thorough. The most thorough and comfortable eye exam I've ever had. The technicians and the doctor were great. From start to finish everyone was so kind. At the end, I went to go look at frames and was helped by Kat who was just the best! Kat really took the time to make sure that I found the right frames that were the right fit for me, and I am so appreciative.
Alexis    -    March 2023

I got the most thorough eye exam I've ever had. I never waited for my appointment, right on time. And I was at ease the entire time. Shantel M. helped me with my glasses choices. She was so kind and very nice. Just regular and not lying about how I looked. Nice person.
Teresa S    -    June 2022

One week post cataract surgery on the second eye, Dr. Anderson said, ““you’re the poster girl for successful cataract surgery outcome“. well I expect good healing from my body and generally get it; a great deal of the credit has to go to Dr. Wolf who can replace a quality all natural lands with a new clear synthetic one All the while walking me through the procedure with professional and friendly conversation. The surgery center staff is very professional And that facility runs seamlessly
Dr. W    -    December 2021

Customer service was great. Eye exam was the most thorough I have ever had. Lindsey was simply put a pleasure to talk to over the phone. Thank you everyone.
William C    -    September 2021

Very happy about the cataract surgery performed by Dr.Wolf. The entire staff is extremely friendly and professional.They will have my future business ,if and when the need arises again.I highly recommend Dr.Wolf and his staff. Thank you for the great experience.
Arja o    -    June 2021

I went to the office without an appointment to get help with a contact lens. After walking up to the desk and explaining my problem, Bernadette helped me immediately. She was incredibly professional and kind. Dr. Wolf and Dr. Mayberry are also wonderful.
Chris H    -    March 2021

I am new to Alaska and did not have an eye doctor established. I had a large black new floater and white flashes in my eye. Paul Homan kindly assisted me with am emergency number if I needed it, and otherwise suggested I call right away the following morning. The staff immediately got me in even though I was new and had no insurance. The check in staff and assistants for the doctors were all very kind and there was no waiting at all. Dr.Thorton was extremely thorough in her exam and explaining what was going on with my eye. Fortunately there was no tear; she treated me with such kindness and helped dissolve my anxiety over a possible surgery dissolve. Thank you again to all the staff and I highly recommend Wolf Eye Center.
Karen M    -    Febuary 2021

Most complete initial eye check I have ever received from Julie. Some of her checks were a first for me. Very impressed how thorough and professional she was. I was kept informed of each stage of my annual appointment and quickly moved into the exam room with Dr. Anderson. Dr. Anderson made me feel at ease as he examined my eyes and explained what was being looked at. Very impressed with his knowledge of the eye and he communicated it all to me in an easy to understand way! Thanks to all at Wolf Eye Center.
Todd M    -    December 2019

First and best thorough eye exam Ever. Dr Wolf was great and knew immediately that I needed an MRI and had a possible pituitary tumor that was causing poor vision and loss of peripheral vision. I had surgery and I have my eyesight back. So happy to see again! No more itinerant or discount eye exams for me as I have learned the value of seeing the Best (Pun intended).
John J    -    November 2019

HIGH PRAISE FOR WOLF EYE CENTER!! A retinal detachment occurred twice in my right eye, and so I was operated on twice in Arizona (not by Dr Wolf). After I moved to Alaska, I needed cataract surgery which was done by Dr Wolf and he did an excellent job. He also took one look at my right eye and was appalled at the poor job they did for the retinal surgery. I can still see, but it was and remains a miracle. Now I am being treated for possible glaucoma by Dr Evans, of whom I trust and I am glad to be her patient.
Thomas M    -    August 2019

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